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A Healing & Growth Experience in the Sedona Vortex

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Private and exclusive individual and small group Vortex retreats.
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Change your life in a 3-day Sedona retreat!

Discover your greatest self and life force energy through self-expression, creativity and self-reflection. Be guided to explore your present, and future.

Give yourself the gift that will affect you and all of your relationships in a powerful and positive way.  Unleash the creativity within to transform your life.

Each day you will unlock the limitless aspect of yourself, freeing the limits of the past and putting you in touch with the joy of self-expression. The process of creating a mind map collage will raise your awareness of how you will create a bold new future.

Increase self-awareness and unlock your highest potential.

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Recreate Your Life & Work

Healing from Trauma and Illness

The three-day experience will teach you the skills to clear emotional blocks and trauma that contribute to disease. For those who desire greater empowerment of their health, quality of life, and healing choices.

Medical research estimates as much as 90 percent of illness and disease is stress-related. High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and heart disease have been linked to stress factors.

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Meet Todd

A Master Healer, Professor & Author

A master practitioner in Quantum Healing, Reiki, Meditation, and Transformational Coaching.

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Why you need a Healing Retreat in Sedona?

I use the powerful healing vibration of Sedona to accelerate your healing journey and teach you the skills to continue the work. Learn how to apply powerful skills to safely process and transform emotional blocks and wounds. Open your heart to Healing and learn profound skills to transform adverse childhood experiences.

In 3 sessions you can deeply heal emotional blocks and learn powerful self-advocacy skills to evolve to your Highest Potential. That includes a pre session phone call check in to discuss your healing protocol, post session insights & video tutorial links to reinforce your customized healing work.

All sessions are held on private land or in a private residence.

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Stress Release Sedona

The Skills You Will Learn with Todd

Your healing session will include breathwork, ancient wisdom, and self advocacy skills to reduce trauma, anxiety and negative thinking.

You will also learn:

  • Skills for self transformation & healing
  • Present Moment Mastery
  • Proper Breath Techniques for Transformation
  • How your mind works for greater happiness
  • How to Relax Mentally and Physically
  • Skills to transform Negative Thoughts
  • How to reduce Neurosis and Worry
  • How to Use dreams for powerful insights
  • A powerful meditation to stay grounded & calm

Why Work with Todd?

My preeminent distinctions:

  • I only work with one client a week unlike the myriad of other people who work in quantity, not quality.
  • I have a pre-session conference call with you to discuss your specific needs.
  • I prepare to work with you the day before our session and carefully craft my healing protocol based on our conversation.
  • Along with the powerful healing session, I will teach you skills to continue the work.
  • After the session, I send you video tutorials to continue the healing work on your own.
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Healing Retreats

Todd's Impeccable Credentials

I have a master's degree from the University of Illinois, one of the top institutions in the world. I'm a University professor, who specializes in Ed Psych. I have published two books and co-authored several others. My work has been featured on PBS, NPR and Entertainment Tonight. My Client List includes thousands of universities, colleges and community organizations and diverse audiences. My work has been commissioned by governors, attorney generals, and other distinguished organizations.

My 30 years of experience with healing trauma, sexual assault and abuse. I worked with Safe Place Rape/Relief Domestic violence shelter in Olympia, WA for 2 decades. My earliest teachers were from the Squaxin Island and Lummi Tribes of the pacific northwest. I have been honored to partner with over 100 tribal communities in the USA including the Mescalero Apache, Nisqually, Swinomish, Squaxin Island and Chehalis Tribes.

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Client Testimonials


You are an incredible guide! Thank you for holding healing space 💃🏼💃🏼☀️☀️✨✨and sharing your soul!

Sedona Master Healing

- Frances

Deep Healing!

A wonderful and Life changing experience, I now have skills to continue the healing journey.

Sedona Master Healing

- Michael


I was able to heal the pain of a relationship breakup in one powerful session. So grateful for Todd's healing work.

Sedona Master Healing

- Alice

Life Changing!

My experience with Todd included healing emotional blocks at a transformational level.

Sedona Master Healing


Releasing trauma

By releasing old trauma I am creating a powerful new future.

Sedona Master Healing


Freedom from the past

A life-transforming healing experience!

Sedona Master Healing



I have learned how to heal myself and live my greatest life with Todd's guidance.

Sedona Master Healing

- Lisa

New Directions

The most powerful healing experience in my life.

Sedona Master Healing



I learned how to regulate my difficult emotions and skills to become more positive and resilient.

Sedona Master Healing

- Marcia

Life Skills

Todd shifted my consciousness, I released old wounds, and return to a more elevated state. I’m grateful to have met you Todd.

I cannot thank you enough and recommend Todd's Sedona vortex tours and Sedona vortex hikes!

Sedona Master Healing


Our Famous Sedona Retreats & Vortex Tours

Emotional Healing

My first book, used by colleges across the nation.

"Denny's book teaches men how to stop violence against women."

University of California, Berkeley

"Novel ways to teach American youth."

University of Illinois

"A brilliantly nuanced approach."

Northern Arizona University


My Clients Include

What Are Sedona Vortexes?

What is a Vortex?

Sedona vortexes are energy centers that support healing, meditation, growth, and self-awareness.  Visitors to Sedona feel inspired, re-energized, or uplifted by being in a vortex, while others feel calmer and grounded.

Sedona has the power totransform lives and for many sparks a spiritual awakening. No one leaves Sedona unchanged. Practicing meditation, yoga, or other rituals at vortex sites supports a journey of self-discovery.  Sedona's high elevation, deep canyons, and magnificent blue skies all blend to create an environment for relaxation and stimulation.

The Different Sedona Vortex Energies

When you arrive in Sedona, you are in a vortex, yet there are distinct areas where the energy has different intensities The best-known Sedona vortexes include Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon—each resonating its own unique energy. Some vortexes radiate upward flowing energy, while others emit energy that spirals downward into the earth.

Upflow sites support a higher perspective whereas inflow sites, areas closer to the earth—near canyons, and caves— prompt introspection and contemplation. Look for twisted juniper trees that bend from the energy vortexes. Everyone experiences a vortex differently, Turn off your phone, sit quietly and take deep breaths being open to the experience.

Airport Mesa
Being in the center of Sedona makes this upflow site one of the most trafficked vortexes, which means it's hard to find parking (locals tip arrive early in the morning). The panoramic 360 view is breathtaking, especially at sunrise or sunset. Look for the twisted juniper trees, perhaps you'll see colored orbs. 

Bell Rock
One of the most distinct formations, Bell Rock looks like a huge standing bell.  This upflow energy site,  is easily accessible off high way 179, with the strongest vibrations felt on the north side.

Cathedral Rock
Resonating with“inflow” energy, Cathedral offers the opportunity to slow down and look within.

Boynton Canyon
Is a supernatural and sacred place to the local Yavapai-Apache tribes. It has both inflow and up-flow energies, the canyon resonates as inflow and the ridges and peaks as upflow energies. It unfolds two-and-a-half miles long, with energy throughout.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross
Nestled into the red rocks, The Chapel was inspired by a visit by Marguerite Brunswig Staude to the Empire State Building. It overlooks Sedona and resonates with vortex energy.

Schnebly Hill
Is a remote scenic overlook with fewer tourists: an off-road vehicle will get you to the top (or a jeep tour is best), it's one of the highest plateaus in Sedona.

Eagle’s Nest
An alternative to the busy Sedona vortexes is Eagle’s Nest in Red Rock State Park on the outskirts of town.

Sedona Master Healers & Life Coaching

Todd is a healer, author, and professor. He has been featured on P.B.S, NPR, and "Entertainment Tonight" His clients include the National Science Foundation, the National Geographic Society, and the U.S. Department of Education.

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