Dec 17, 2021

Sedona Vortex Healing

3 Days to Change Your Life

Visitors to Sedona have so many stories that remind us of the connection between the physical and spiritual. Our spiritual connection comes in many forms - through nature, our own inner guidance, through other guides, in book, and in sacred places like Sedona

A woman I met in Sedona shared this story.  While visiting she went out on the Sedona trails for a solo hike and told me she felt unconditional love for the first time in years coming for the Sedona Medicine bubble.

A guy I met who now lives in Sedona shared how when he first came here he camped in a grove of juniper trees in a circle out in the wilderness for 120 days before finding his home. Every day he would awaken at 5 a.m. filled with Chi and dynamic energy from sleeping on the Earth.

He would then go to a magical place along the creek and connect with people, meditate,  filled with joy and dynamic energy all day long. It was one of the most amazing periods of his entire life.

Visitors here often want to release past trauma. The central paradox is the more one accepts and works with our trauma the less one suffers. The more one faces their demons the less power they have to sabotage our lives.

The key is moving beyond talk therapy into energy psychology sessions where you learn how to regulate and transform painful emotions. By blending energy work, ancient wisdom, breathwork, dreamwork, and mind mapping you are empowered to carry on self-healing.

The sooner we release the past, the sooner we can create a powerful new future. You either expand or contract, You evolve or diminish. There's no such thing as staying constant.

Masters only point the way. You must and can walk the path to self-healing.  Make the choice, become the greatest version of yourself!

Todd Denny,  healer, author, and professor.